Bosque School Winterim at the Bodhi


The Bosque school had its’ 2019 winterim period during their spring break.  During this time students could select what they would like to participate in for a week long educational intensive.  Eleven students chose to come to The Bodhi Manda Zen Center from March 4th-March 8th to study Zen Buddhism and learn more about the center located in Jemez Springs, NM.   Both professors, Kevin Cummins and Alaura Nellos, enjoyed the time they and the students spent at Bodhi Manda.  


The meditation teaching was facilitated by Osho Jiun Hosen the spiritual teacher and abbess at Bodhi Manda.  The rest of the staff at Bodhi Manda, directed service work on the grounds and in the garden, worked diligently in the kitchen, serving all the meals, facilitated yoga classes, and played music with the Bosque school kids and teachers.  The staff at Bodhi ranges in age (20-40s), yet most are not more than a decade older than the high schoolers.  The staff had a fantastic week spending time with the youth.  Sharing and learning all the while.


The week included a monastic schedule with morning and evening meditation periods, formal meals with traditional oryoki sets, and an attentive service period.   Also, there was time to relax, enjoy the hot springs, practice yoga, and work on art projects and music.  The students also were transported to the Bandelier National monument for a fun filled day of hiking, exploring and education related to the ancient peoples of the area.  


The week ended with a sharing circle and talent show.  The students shared their experiences, and felt more open and relaxed than prior to arriving.  It was a great week for all.  Thanks to Kevin and Alaura!