Bodhi Fundraising Gala

The chiles are roasting, the cottonwoods are turning a beautiful golden yellow, and the Bodhi Manda Zen Center invites all members, friends, and buddhist practitioners to join us for our second annual Bodhi Fundraising Gala on Saturday, Sept 29, 2018 from 5:30 to 9 pm!

The Gala will include a wine tasting reception, a sumptuous dinner by an acclaimed chef, a silent auction with treasures from native artisans in New Mexico's Pueblos, other local galleries and artisans, and around the world, and entertainment by the Chris Dracup Trio, offering a creative blend of American Blues, Funk, R&B, Reggae, and Soul. And of course, a beautiful evening under the crisp autumn skies of New Mexico, gazing up at the starry skies and soaking in our beloved hot springs!

All funds raised in the event will help with a major effort to raise money for repairs and expansion of the Center's facilities and programs, including high priority infrastructure projects such as repair of the Zendo ceiling, construction of a sound barrier wall, upgrade of the geothermal heating system, and renovation of the Center’s motel building.

All of these renovations will support the Bodhi in its greater mission to help inquirers overcome the sense of separateness, providing people who are ready to do the work with a welcoming, safe, and loving environment where they can open up to a new experience of themselves — arising each moment in intimate relationship with the whole world. Our Abbess, students, and the larger Bodhi community seek to live and share the teaching, practice and wisdom of Zen Buddhism with a sense of equality, respect, simplicity, and kindness. We recognize that Zen Buddhism is evolving to meet the needs of this time and place in human history, and we participate joyfully in the ongoing unfolding of the Dharma on American soil.

Please join us for this meaningful event, consider making a donation directly or by contributing to the silent auction, and check out the many wonderful Buddhist activities and other spiritual retreats we host at! And please, as our Abbess Hosen likes to say, consider the Bodhi your home!

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Andrew Ellis