Hanamatsuri - Buddha’s Birthday Celebration at Bodhi


Join us on Saturday, April 14, 2018 starting at 10:30am for Hanamatsuri, a Buddhist ceremony honoring Shakyamuni Buddha’s birthday and his teachings on limitless compassion and unconditional loving-kindness towards all beings. 

Words of welcome will be offered from the abbess, Jiun Hosen Osho, who will share the significance of Hanamatsuri and explain the tradition of washing the Buddha statue with honey tea and rose petals. Everyone will then be invited to come forward to the shrine to make their own offering.

The event will include a delicious farm to table lunch prepared by our staff along with a talk about the importance of coming together as a community, and finally use of our hot springs.  

Please contact us at (575) 829-3854 or office@bmzc.org to make your reservation. Donations are gratefully received. 

Andrew Ellis