Rainbow over the motel and office.


The Zen Center, located in historic Jemez Springs NM, enjoys a beautiful riverfront property with 6 main buildings to house its residents and guests as well as spaces for ceremonies, meditation, education, cooking and dining.

The guest house, pictured along with the office (right) has four rooms with private bathrooms and queen/king size beds. The guest house is open to the public when we are not hosting workshops or holding retreats. Check our calendar for availability.


Sutra Hall

The Center of Gravity Foundation Hall after a monsoon.

The Center of Gravity Foundation Hall, or Sutra Hall (left), is the newest building on the property. This hall is used primarily for ceremonies, and is where the residents chant on a daily basis. The hall boasts an award-winning design by architects Predock & Frane in June 2004 and is open to day guests who would like to meditate on their own.


The Bodhi Manda Zen Center can host up to 60 people in the guest rooms, 6 dorms, and various other private and shared rooms. Parking lots by the office/motel and kitchen (paved) provide guests and residents with on-site parking.




The Zendo, the oldest building on the property.


The Zendo building is home to private living areas and ceremonial spaces, the Meditation Hall (zendo), 4 dorm rooms, and men & women’s showers/ bathrooms.

Conference Room

The conference room and patio.


The conference room houses our wood burning stove, piano, organ, and student office. The room can be arranged to accommodate large groups for presentations and classes.

Looking south over the blue corn field.


The Bodhi’s summer projects include several gardens, including the one pictured here (right). We also participated in the local Jemez Springs Farmers Market this summer, and look forward to making it a tradition.

A hummingbird at the Long House feeder.

A hummingbird at the Long House feeder.