Bodhi Birth Announcement! 
We are delighted to announce the arrival of the newest member to our community! A precious, new, healthy baby girl, weighing 8 lbs 6 oz,  was born here at the Bodhi on April 19th, at 3:47am. It is so heart warming to see that a beautiful birth has taken place here in this auspicious springtime of new beginnings.  Not only is this a great blessing to the Bodhi, but also to our entire Jemez Valley Community. We invite you to join us in sending your blessings and great joy to her parents, Ally Wilson and Robert Gold, who have been staying at the Zen Center the past many weeks, in preparation for the arrival of their daughter. Congratulations to the happy family!

“First baby in 40 years born early morning at the Bodhi Manda on Sunday April 19th.  The baby girl born to Rob Gold and Ally Wilson greeted the world through the water surrounded by the peace and tranquility of the Bodhi Manda.  Hosen and friends of the Bodhi and the Jemez Valley Community have all been participants and well-wishers along the journey making this a cherished community event.  The young couple are so grateful and happy to be surrounded by such care.
Thank you so much!!”

From Ally and Rob


Shakyamuni Buddha’s Birthday (Traditionally celebrated on April 8)





Steve Sanfield’s passing beyond

We are saddened to inform you of the passing beyond of Steve Sanfield this morning of January 28th 2015.
This news unifies all of us as he was a Great Friend to all. Our thoughts of loving kindness go out to his beloved wife Sarah, and all the neighborhood and worldly friends, for their pain and suffering.
His ties to the floating world are no longer. Having departed from this world of sadness and sorrow to be born as Buddha.Mortal eyes are closed forever but the eyes of the Dharma are forever.

2 Steve Sanfield










2015 New Years Program

New-Years 2012

Posted on December 26, 2014

As 2014 surrenders to 2015 we wish you and your family inner silence and peace of mind.

Come join us for our annual New Year’s celebration!


Sunday, December 28 – Wednesday, December 31: Three Great Cleaning Days
Wednesday, December 31: Contemplative Meditation (Zazen) Program 8 pm – 12 am *Bon fire included in Evening Program
Thursday, January 1: Traditional Buddhist New Year’s Day Ceremony 10:30 am

Suggested Donations

Entire Program: $75 ($65 Members)
New Year’s Day Ceremony and Traditional Lunch: $50
New Year’s Eve Program: $20

 Thank you for your participation and support!

For reservations, please call (575) 829 – 3854 or e-mail



Happy New Year 2015!

Posted on December 26, 2014

Embracing a New Beginning

Happy New Year 2015!  As we move into the New Year, we stand in the marvelous vantage point of the present moment. We can appreciate the past, enjoy our gratitude for the present, and look forward to a vision of hope and continued blessings in the New Year. From the Bodhi Manda Zen Center, nestled in the beautiful, snow-dusted Jemez mountains, we wish you and yours the sacred and still Inner Peace and Serenity of this holiday season. May you enjoy a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! We look forward to seeing you, and hope you’ll be able to include many visits to the Bodhi in the coming year! Peace and Joy! Gassho!



Posted on December 20, 2014

November 21-23, 2014
Bodhi Manda Zen Center

The current leadership team of the Bodhi Manda Zen Center invite you to participate in a Healing and Envisioning Retreat. Each of us on the leadership team recognize that this past year has been a tumultuous time for the Bodhi and the entire membership of our sangha. This is a unique moment in the Bodhi’s history, and with the passing of Joshu Roshi in July, it is also the end of an era. This is an exciting opportunity for the Bodhi to grow in a fresh new direction. The Board and our Director recognize that a new direction is possible only if we first acknowledge the sangha’s suffering.

The Bodhi sangha deeply values the teachings and practice tradition Roshi has given us. The Roshi has also left a history of sangha suffering that has never been acknowledged or addressed. Late recognition of this history will not in itself bring relief. However, we hope that healing and a bright future for the Bodhi are possible for all of us. The Board is offering to the entire sangha a Healing and Envisioning Retreat at the Bodhi November 21st – 23rd, 2014. The retreat sessions, which will occur on Saturday, November 22nd and Sunday morning November 23rd will be facilitated by Kathleen Oweegon of Bridges of Peace. Kathleen is an experienced facilitator and mediator whose website, is available if you wish further information about her.

We offer this retreat as a safe, supportive environment in which those who wish to may share their experiences, trauma and suffering, and be deeply heard and in which all of us may acknowledge and, as appropriate, accept responsibility for the suffering of the sangha. We ask that whatever is shared at the retreat remain confidential. It is the Board’s hope that through each of us speaking our truth, healing, peace and a future vision for the Bodhi will arise.

The retreat is open to all current and former Bodhi students who wish to share any feelings they have towards the Bodhi, including teachers and current and former officers and staff. The Board and our Director are committed to hearing whatever the sangha brings forward. Along with those who would like to share, we welcome those who would like to simply listen and hold the space for healing to happen.

Your current leadership team feels that the Bodhi, as a Buddhist organization, must find a Buddhist response to the suffering of its sangha. This retreat is intended to begin what will be an ongoing process. However the Bodhi moves forward, the leadership is committed to ensuring that inappropriate behavior is never allowed in our future. Our experience at the first meeting will guide further action as we continue to grow as a harmonious sangha of Bodhi practitioners.

Participants are asked to arrive Friday afternoon or evening November 21st . The retreat begins Saturday morning and concludes Sunday with lunch. Participants should register by contacting the Bodhi office no later than Friday November 14, 2014.

The Healing and Envisioning Retreat is a gift to our community so there is no charge to participants. As always donations are appreciated!

To register for the retreat, contact the Bodhi by email at; or telephone at (575) 829-3854.

Board Members

John Killip
Seiju Bob Mammoser
Jundo Steve Slusher
Hosen Christiane Ranger, Director

Former Bodhi Abbot Gentei Sandy Stewart will participate.


Contemplation in Zen Buddhist Practice

We would like to welcome those interested in an introduction to Zen Buddhist practice held Oct. 26- Nov. 15; the schedule will include orientation to Zen Buddhist practice, zazen (sitting meditation), walking meditation, the study of Buddhist texts, chanting, work practice, and orioki meals. If you would like more information, or to reserve a space, please contact us.



July Zazenkai

Posted on October 25, 2014

Thank you to our July Zazenkai retreat members! We had a beautiful, summer hot, and harmonious weekend, and enjoyed refreshing the beginner’s mind with a diverse group of students from near and far.


Caretaking Weekend at the BMZC

Posted on October 25, 2014

Caretaking Weekend 

The weekend of October 17-19, the Bodhi Manda hosted a Caretaking Weekend, co-sponsored by the Albuquerque Zen Center.  The event was well attended with 20 participants.











Caretaking Weekend at Bodhi was “Care” for Us

October 2014

October 2014








October 2014

The October weekend Samu (work practice) event at the beautiful Bodhi Manda Zen Center was an experience that left participants uplifted and recharged in the spirit of giving. Coming together as a Sangha (mindful community) to offer the age old practices of service, Zazen (meditation) and chanting together was an incredible treat. Says one visitor, “What a joy to work together, share meditation, meals and nature! If felt like family vacation!”

The joint venture was hosted by the Bodhi Manda and the Albuquerque Zen Centers. Hosen, Director of the Bodhi, welcomed Seiju, Director of AZC, and together led students, neighbors and friends in various caretaking projects around the Center. There was a job for everyone, from refreshing buildings with new paint, repairing doors, gardening, freezing green chili to making fresh apple sauce.

To our delight, the most delectable, homemade dishes arose from the Bodhi kitchen prepared with love by volunteer cooks. Highlights included garden-veggie soup, Auryuvedic kitchari, fresh-from-the-chicken egg scramble, hand-cranked applesauce and freshly squeezed OJ. Every morsel was a delight! Seiju made wonderful, fresh-baked scones which were topped with a recent batch of strawberry-plum jam made by Hosen. Delicious!

Kaishin, a volunteer staff member was Shoji for the weekend, taking care of our needs and the Zendo. He offers, “”It was great to get together with like-minded people in the spirit of service. The whole weekend was joyous. I’m appreciative to Bodhi and the students of Zen who attended. It’s wonderful to see that the light of the Dharma is not extinguished.”

chicken working





The most striking image, aside from the glowing faces and smiles of participants, was caught by early morning risers as the vivid crescent moon made it’s appearance over the softly lit walls of the Sutra hall, silhouetted against the clear stream of the Milky Way. A truly enchanting vision, which seemed to say to us, “Thank you!” for all the loving care offered throughout the weekend.

Fall Gong Bodhi 1.1 mg








Bodhi Manda extends a warm welcome to all who visit, and this weekend was no exception. Folks from young to old and near to far enjoyed the Retreat so much, several asked to return soon! If you did not have the opportunity to participate in the Caretaking weekend, but would enjoy offering service, you are most welcome to call and arrange a stay. The Bodhi offers guests rooms for a modest fee whenever the Center is open to the public. Please call the office for details.

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Posted on June 4, 2014

July 25-27 we will be hosting a weekend zazen meditation retreat starting 6:00 pm on Friday and continuing until lunch on Sunday at noon.

Perfect for beginners, the zazenkai includes ~2 days of meditation instruction and practice, chanting, work practice, and formal meals. This is an opportunity to learn the Rinzai practice tradition or, for experienced students, deepen your understanding and awareness.

Suggested donation is $75 ($60 for members). Please call ahead for more information and to reserve a space.

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2014 New Years Program

Posted on October 3, 2013

As 2013 surrenders to 2014 we wish you and your family inner silence and peace of mind.

Come join us for our annual New Year’s celebration!


Saturday, December 28 – Monday, December 30: Three Great Cleaning Days
Tuesday, December 31: Contemplative Meditation (Zazen) Program 8 pm – 12 am
Wednesday, January 1: Traditional Buddhist New Year’s Day Ceremony 10:30 am

Suggested Donations

Entire Program: $75 ($65 Members)
New Year’s Day Ceremony and Traditional Lunch: $50
New Year’s Eve Program: $20

 Thank you for your participation and support!

For reservations, please call (575) 829 – 3854 or e-mail

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December 2012 Newsletter

Posted on November 30, 2012



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