The sole purpose of the Bodhi Manda Zen Center (“The Bodhi”) is to promote universal well being, helping people to experience their true selfless and symbiotic nature through providing genuine teachings and training in Rinzai Zen Buddhist practices for the immense benefit of current and future generations.

‘Bodhi Manda’ is Sanskrit for “Place of Enlightenment,” the fundamental purpose of The Bodhi being to promote universal wellbeing and unexcelled tranquility by providing genuine teachings on Zen Buddhism. Located in a high desert river canyon in the stunning and secluded Jemez Mountains, the harmonious practices of Bodhi Manda invite and encourage the cultivation of symbiotic relationship in every aspect of life, while the serene environment supports both visitors and residents in attentively deepening the understanding of our collective ‘true nature.’

Since its incorporation on November 29, 1973 as a non-profit religious organization based on the firm foundation of Zen practice, The Bodhi has continually transformed itself, constantly adapting to the needs of its participants and responding to the demands of the environment. Thanks to countless people having contributed to its growth and development over the years, the Bodhi Manda Zen Center has a particularly rich history and now offers an exceptionally wide variety of educational and enriching opportunities.

In 2017, the Board of Directors has many important goals and projects aimed at the continued expansion of The Bodhi’s outreach and enhancement of the Center’s service and benefit for generations to come, projects that won’t be possible to realize without your support. Should you have any questions, please contact us.