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Departure and arrival of baby birds

On May 23, a box full of tiny fluffy chicks arrived at Bodhi Manda Zen Center. A week after their arrival, all 35 chicks are growing healthy (and fast!), with the help of the tender love and care of the Bodhi staff.

In the video below, the abbess of the Center greets the chicks at the post office and welcomes them to their new home.

A week prior to the chicks’ arrival, Bodhi sent off four baby birds from Sutra Hall. The parents of these four had resided in the Hall since early this year, serenading us during our morning chant while building a nest on one of the beams. They gave birth to four healthy babies.

bird nest at Sutra Hall

Staff members and WWOOFers at Bodhi were lucky to catch the sight of the baby birds taking their first flight; below is a video of one of the birds leaving Sutra Hall with the help of a WWOOFer, Cecilia.

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