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BMZC Board of Trustees announces the 2017 $500,000 capital campaign

A note from the Bodhi Manda Zen Center Board of Trustees

The Bodhi Manda Zen Center has a rich history and legacy in the teaching and practice of Zen Buddhist Dharma. The facility provides a space for group retreats, individual practice, community events and more. The Center is blessed, for more than 30 years, with Jiun Hosen Osho — Christiane Ranger, our dedicated teacher and abbess. Through her extensive training and sincere practice, Hosen brings the Dharma alive in the hope of proactive contribution to our world.

The BMZC Board of Trustees is energized and committed to the enhancement of all that Bodhi is and can be. There is currently a plan for a complete infrastructure renovation to improve the Zendo, accommodations and conference facilities. Rest assured, the work will not disrupt the serenity and organization of our environment in which to practice and study.

The Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that we are embarking on a capital campaign this year to raise $500,000 for those infrastructure repairs and renovations. This will include much-needed repairs in the Zendo, as well as the renovation of several dorms, the motel and the kitchen. Plans also include an investment in the geothermal system that heats our buildings, separate housing for staff and students, and a small Zendo for practice only. These repairs and renovations will improve the Center’s functionality, and ensure the safety and physical well-being of the Bodhi for decades to come. You can view the abbess’s announcement about the effort here.

If the Bodhi Manda Zen Center’s mission of bringing clarity and meaning to our world resonates with you, we hope you will consider a financial donation at this time. Your tax-deductible gift is appreciated beyond words. Please visit our membership and donations page for more information. Already, long-time friends and students of Bodhi are helping with the campaign by organizing the Bodhi Fun-raising Retreat.

As always, we invite you to come study and practice at the Bodhi Manda Zen Center and look forward to seeing you here.

Bodhi Manda Zen Center Board of Trustees

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