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Autumn Wind Training Period


Bodhi Manda expresses its gratitude to everyone that spent time here over the summer, contributing to our mutual growth and development.

It is Fall, a designated time at Bodhi Manda for contemplation and intensive Zen Buddhist Practices. It will be a 5 week program introducing participants to basic Zen Buddhist Teachings and Practices composed of a daily schedule of early rising, chanting, zazen meditation, walking meditation and work practice. This is a special opportunity in one’s life to temporarily give our full attention to the human nature in hopes of gaining a better understanding of its composition and functioning, as well as the relationship with life/death and wisdom/compassion in our life and surroundings. We will also be studying Buddhist texts such as The Denkoroku (The Record of the Transmission of the Light) by Keizan Zenji
and Zen Is For Everyone (The Xiao Zhi Guan of Zhi Yi) by Michael Saso.

There will be 2 Sesshin (the coming together of Heart/Mind) meditation retreats, one lasting 5 days and the second being a “Rohatsu” Sesshin, an intense seven day retreat commemorating Shakyamuni Buddha’s awakening, co-guided by Koshin Chris Cain and myself.

Here is some information on Koshin Chris Cain. I am thankful to Koshin for taking time from his busy schedule to be here at Bodhi Manda. I look forward to our cooperative effort.

Koshin Chris Cain is Abbot of the Puget Sound Zen Center on Vashon Island, WA. Koshin was born in 1965 and grew up in London, England, and Raleigh, North Carolina. In 1990 he moved to Mt. Baldy Zen Center in California. He was ordained in 1991, and trained at Mt. Baldy as a monk from 1991 to 1999. In 1999 Joshu Roshi made him an Osho, or Teacher. From 1999 to 2002 he served as Vice Abbot of Mt. Baldy Zen Center. In 2003 he moved to Vashon Island and became the founding teacher of the Puget Sound Zen Center. Since 2009, Koshin has been the formal teacher of the Rinzai Zen Center in Oslo. He is responsible for the direction of the Zen practice there, and visits the center twice a year.

Schedule: October 25 – November 27, 2016

Introductory week-end or Zazenkai: 11/4-5-6

5 day Sesshin: 11/7 – 11/11

Community/Sangha Meeting: Saturday 11/12 at 9am

Board of Trustees Meeting: Sunday 11/13 9am

Teishin’s Eunice Tropper 49th Day Memorial Service: Friday 11/18 at 9:16am followed by a potluck lunch

Arrival Day for Rohatsu: Saturday November 19
Departure Day: Sunday November 27 by early afternoon
Cost for Rohatsu: $300
You are welcome to arrive a few days before and stay a few days afterward.

Please contact Bodhi to register or for more information at 575-829-3854 or email at

We look forward to practicing with you!

Palms together,

Jiun Hosen,Osho

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