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Board of Trustees 2015 end of year letter


As the year ends, the steam rises from the hot springs, the snow frosts Redondo peak
and the farolitos are lined up on the porch. The Bodhi Manda Zen Center nestles in the
dark mountains, the smell of wood smoke lingering in the crisp night air. The stars are
so close at night, you can almost touch them. The creek soothes your heart as you rest.
The immutable essence of the Bodhi, the beauty and serenity, continue on. Yet we
know that change is constant. We, the Board of Trustees, ask your help to carry the Bodhi
Manda Zen Center into the future.

The year at Bodhi Manda Zen Center has been full. We invited 3 female Board members
to join the Board and immediately began the hard work of restoring harmony to the
Bodhi. We created the first budget in the history of the Zen Center and developed a financial plan. The Board appointed Jiun Hosen Christiane Ranger as Abbess April 10,
2015 and together we held the second Healing and Envisioning Retreat in August. Thirty
of you joined us to bring forth a vision of what the Bodhi will become–a place of healing
and a center for the teaching and practice of Rinzai Zen Buddhism.

Our schedule of workshops was busy as well, with a small staff of students and volunteers
hosting over 30 workshops. We enjoyed making new friends and welcoming old
friends back to our home in the Jemez Mountains.

At this writing, the Board has just finished its annual retreat and we are well on our way
to achieving some of the major goals set by the sangha at the Healing and Envisioning

January will see two new board members as John Killip and Seiju Bob Mammoser finish
their terms as President and Treasurer of the Board, respectively; we are finalizing the
contract with Hosen and expect that to be signed in December.

Would you consider a donation to aid us in our plans for this year? Currently we have 6 students in residence for the month of November. A $30 donation can fund a day of Zen practice! A $150 donation can fund 1 student for 1 week.

The Bodhi is on track to be a Worldwide Organic Farm (WWOF) site in 2016 and
to partner with the Jemez community to create a garden to feed not only the Zen
center but to support the local farmer’s market. The annual membership WWOF
is only $50, but hosting a WWOF volunteer for a month is $300.

Your donation is completely tax-deductible. Please see our website: to
donate on our secure site or take a moment out of your busy day to write us a check.
The Bodhi is an oasis for all of us and we thank you for your consideration and support.

The Board of Trustees.

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