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The current leadership team of the Bodhi Manda Zen Center invite you to participate in a Healing and Envisioning Retreat. Each of us on the leadership team recognize that this past year has been a tumultuous time for the Bodhi and the entire membership of our sangha. This is a unique moment in the Bodhi’s history, and with the passing of Joshu Roshi in July, it is also the end of an era. This is an exciting opportunity for the Bodhi to grow in a fresh new direction. The Board and our Director recognize that a new direction is possible only if we first acknowledge the sangha’s suffering.

The Bodhi sangha deeply values the teachings and practice tradition Roshi has given us. The Roshi has also left a history of sangha suffering that has never been acknowledged or addressed. Late recognition of this history will not in itself bring relief. However, we hope that healing and a bright future for the Bodhi are possible for all of us.

The Board is offering to the entire sangha a Healing and Envisioning Retreat at the Bodhi November 21st – 23rd, 2014. The retreat sessions, which will occur on Saturday, November 22nd and Sunday morning November 23rd will be facilitated by Kathleen Oweegon of Bridges of Peace.

Kathleen is an experienced facilitator and mediator whose website, is available if you wish further information about her.

We offer this retreat as a safe, supportive environment in which those who wish to may share their experiences, trauma and suffering, and be deeply heard and in which all of us may acknowledge and, as appropriate, accept responsibility for the suffering of the sangha. We ask that whatever is shared at the retreat remain confidential. It is the Board’s hope that through each of us speaking our truth, healing, peace and a future vision for the Bodhi will arise.

The retreat is open to all current and former Bodhi students who wish to share any feelings they have towards the Bodhi, including teachers and current and former officers and staff.

The Board and our Director are committed to hearing whatever the sangha brings forward. Along with those who would like to share, we welcome those who would like to simply listen and hold the space for healing to happen.

Your current leadership team feels that the Bodhi, as a Buddhist organization, must find a Buddhist response to the suffering of its sangha. This retreat is intended to begin what will be an ongoing process. However the Bodhi moves forward, the leadership is committed to ensuring that inappropriate behavior is never allowed in our future. Our experience at the first meeting will guide further action as we continue to grow as a harmonious sangha of Bodhi practitioners.

Participants are asked to arrive Friday afternoon or evening November 21st . The retreat begins Saturday morning and concludes Sunday with lunch. Participants should register by contacting the Bodhi office no later than Friday November 14, 2014.

The Healing and Envisioning Retreat is a gift to our community so there is no charge to participants.

To register for the retreat, contact the Bodhi by email at; or telephone at (575) 829-3854.

Board Members

John Killip
Seiju Bob Mammoser
Jundo Steve Slusher
Hosen Christiane Ranger, Director

Former Bodhi Abbot Gentei Sandy Stewart will participate.

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